Updated ResultsPlus Resource will Help You Keep Zipping Along

locationHave you ever noticed that when you enter a new constituent address into ResultsPlus, the city, state, and county automatically appear when you enter a ZIP code? If not, we’ve got some great news for you. The option to ‘Default city, state, county from zip code’ is found in the User Settings area of the Users dialog on the Administration tab in ResultsPlus. Your ResultsPlus administrator can enable this for you and help save you loads of time when entering new constituents and addresses.

If you’re already taking full advantage of this time-saving feature, we’ve got some good news for you as well. An updated ZIP code database is now available for download from the ResultsPlus support site. This updated data is periodically made available to reflect changes in ZIP codes established by the United States Postal Service. Sometimes new ZIP codes are added, sometimes they’re consolidated. Either way, it makes some sense to have access to the newest data available to help keep your mailing costs down.

To download the latest ZIP code database, log into the ResultsPlus support website using your support website credentials (email address plus password). Once you’ve logged in, click the ResultsPlus link in the Software Downloads section. (If you know you already have a website account, you can click here and enter your support website credentials when prompted.)

Find the ‘Updated Zip Code Rules’ item in the ResultsPlus Resources table, then click the Info link to see the instructions for installing the updated ZIP code data. Click Download to download the file to your local environment.

Please let us know if we can help you take advantage of this very handy feature. We’re just an email away!