Why you should visit us at the LeadingAge Expo

LeadingAgeWe are very excited to be attending the LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Expo in Boston on November 1-4 as first-time exhibitors! We believe in the importance of providing quality donor management software to nonprofit aging services organizations in order to help them increase their fundraising success so they can continue to provide quality care to aging Americans.

Why should you stop by Booth #868 while you’re at the Expo?

  1. We know software: We’ve been providing high-quality donor management software for 30 years. And because we’re the oldest in the business, we know what your organization needs to be successful in its fundraising efforts. We have a variety of in-house experts constantly updating and configuring the software so that it will be a valuable asset to your mission. With experience comes quality!
  2. We know seniors: A large portion of our clients consist of senior care organizations, so it’s important that we know our demographic. Knowing seniors and what they look for in aging care facilities has helped us tailor our software to be easy to use for both seniors, and those working in the senior care industry.
  3. We know fundraising: Our experts have worked in the field and have extensive knowledge of what it takes to be a successful fundraiser. This means that – whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned fundraiser – we have the insight and tools to help you increase funds and manage that all-important donor data. From our sales team to support and everyone in between, our expertise in the field means that you’re not alone in your fundraising efforts.
  4. We know data: Managing donor relationships and donor data is vital to the success of your organization. We know that, and so we’ve developed the tools to help you store, organize and manage it. This means that we also make the process of switching to ResultsPlus seamless so that you don’t lose any valuable data. Additionally, we have developed the software so that you can track the information that’s important for YOUR organization.

As the aging population continues to rise, isn’t it time that you start thinking about how you’re going to manage your funds and donor relationships? We have you covered!


We look forward to seeing you in Boston!