Wrapping Up Your 2012 Gifts

The new year has begun, and with any luck you’re still busy entering in all those last-minute gifts from your donors. You know the ones I mean – they arrive about January 20th and are dated for 12/31/12? You’ve probably already had the discussion on how to handle these generous donations, and hopefully you’ve come to terms with that decision, whatever it may be. When you do finally get all the 2012 gifts entered, here are a few suggestions for some year-end activities that ResultsPlus can help you with:

Idea #1: Send a final thank you to everyone who donated in 2012. Make it personal by including their total gift amount for the year.

How? Create a query to find all 2012 donors (GiftTransaction.DateRecvd between 1/1/12 and 12/31/12) and then create a new mail merge letter which includes the field called Folder.YrToDateGiftAmt. Use the query and the mail merge document to create personalized letters.

Note: it is important that you do this before you update your calendar year to 2013. When that happens, the Folder.YrToDate fields are cleared and will no longer contain 2012 data.

Idea #2: Send a donation report to each 2012 donor to assist them with their tax preparations.

How? Generate and send the Yearly Tax Receipt report for each donor who made a gift in 2012. This report generates a separate page for each donor, listing each gift made during the year and showing both the amount of the gift and the tax-deductible portion of the gift. If necessary, export the report to a word processor program and add your organization’s logo and contact information in the header portion of the document.

Idea #3: If your fiscal year is ending as well as your calendar year, reach out one last time to your Lybunts. Lybunts are the donors who gave ‘Last Year But Unfortunately Not This’ year and who are about to lapse. In other words, they gave in 2011 but not in 2012.

How? Generate the Lybunt report from the Year End category of the ResultsPlus reports menu. You’ll also find the Sybunt report, meant to show you donors who gave ‘Some Year But Unfortunately Not This’ year. These donors gave prior to 2011, and haven’t given since.

Note: it is important that you do this before you close your fiscal year. When that happens, the fields in the Fiscal Summary table are cleared and will no longer contain FY12 data.

How else? Create a query to find Lybunts (Folder.LastGiftDate Between 1/1/11 and 12/31/11) or Sybunts (Folder.LastGiftDate Less-than 1/1/11). Use their last-gift information in a personalized mail appeal to let them know you notice and that you hope they’ll remain a loyal supporter.

When you do finally wrap up your record-keeping for 2012, we hope you’ll find it was a great year and that the coming year is even better.

Best wishes for a successful and productive 2013.