Write It Down

A number of years ago I was working for a company that was engrossed in business strategies like ‘Total Quality Management’ and ‘Continuous Improvement.’ For a while it seemed that all we did was plan. We even had planning meetings to plan our plans. At the time, I don’t remember accomplishing all that much, which was pretty ironic. But in actuality, I can now see that I learned something very important which I use nearly every day of my current life. It’s a single piece of advice that stuck with me and here it is:

If you really want to accomplish something, write it down.

Seems too simple to be of any great value, doesn’t it? Consider some of the benefits:

  • The simple act of committing something to text helps me actually commit to do it. It turns an idea into a goal and when I see it right there in black and white (or in pixels), it’s pretty hard to pretend I didn’t.
  • Writing it down gives me permission to stop carrying it around in my head. There’s plenty of other ‘stuff’ I need to make room for up there, like my mother’s recipes and my anniversary (which incidentally are all getting written down now too…).
  • Documenting my tasks and goals helps me prioritize them. Especially when I put them on sticky notes and then continually rearrange them as new ones get added. When one task becomes more urgent than the others, I move it to the top of the list.

So what does this have to do with fundraising software? Everything. Any good fundraising software will let you document the important things in your development effort and help you commit to them and achieve them. If you’re not doing so already, consider using ResultsPlus to:

  • Commit to contacting that donor who is considering leaving a bequest to your organization in their will. Enter a contact record in the Edit Cultivation Data area to schedule a call to them next week. Schedule a reminder to pop up and prompt you the day before so you can prepare for your conversation.
  • Set yourself a target and commit to raising more from this years holiday appeal. You can associate your new goal amount with your Appeal Code in the performance code editor, then use the Expense Detail fields to help you determine your net amount raised.
  • Research potential major donors for funding your upcoming special project. Document what you learn and what you already know in note pad areas on the Executive Summary and in the Strategy/Cultivators area.

Let your software help you document the important things that you really want to achieve. Write them down, get them done.

Care to share how you use ResultsPlus to keep you on goal?