Year-End and Beyond

This is the time of year when organizations start thinking about closing the year, if their fiscal year matches the calendar year. And even for organizations whose fiscal year doesn’t coincide with the calendar year, things like the distribution of donation summaries for donors are in many professionals’ thoughts.

If your organization sends letters to your donors with their annual giving information for tax purposes, I recommend reviewing a few options available in ResultsPlus to produce these letters.

If you only send the sum of all donations for the year, you can create a mail merge letter or email and place the following two fields in it:

Count of gifts for the year: Folder.YrToDateCnt
Sum of gifts for the year: Folder.YrToDateAmt

There is an additional option for those of you who intend to send the letters via “snail mail” and would like to send your donors an itemized list of their donations. I recommend reviewing the “Yearly Tax Receipt by Group” report in the Reports area of ResultsPlus. You can run this report for the year based on a query. You can use the same query to create labels in the Mailings area of ResultsPlus.

If the end of the calendar year is also the end of your fiscal year, take a peek at the LYBUNT and SYBUNT reports before closing your year. (After you close your year, everyone is a SYBUNT or LYBUNT until the first donation of the new year arrives!)

You can also use the “Donor Retention” area on the Performance tab to generate these lists for immediate action (email, letter, schedule a visit with the high-dollar donors, and so on).

Do you publish giving levels? If so, remember to run the giving levels for the year, as well. These can be printed from a query or a standard report. The Recognition Roster in the “ROSTER” category provides the option to run a list of donors and group them by giving level. This report may serve well as the source for your list.

Are there additional reports or processes you do at your organization to ensure a successful year-end experience?