You’re An Angel – Today and Every Day

be an angel dayThis coming Monday, August 22nd, is ‘Be an Angel Day.’ It seems fitting, doesn’t it? That we would promote this special holiday through a blog read by the ‘special people’ who work for charities and philanthropic organizations?

Be An Angel Day was initiated in 1993 by Jayne Howard Feldman, author of a number of books encouraging people to show kindness to others. The concept took wing when the book and film ‘Pay It Forward’ was released in 2000. It was the story of a young boy who was given an assignment to help change the world, which he accomplished by performing good deeds for people with the understanding that they would do the same for others.

Well just in case you’re too busy and overwhelmed to celebrate yourselves, we at Metafile want to acknowledge the meaningful work you do and to thank you on behalf of the people you serve. I’m pretty sure that many of them fail to appreciate you – may neglect to notice all the wings flapping around them. But we want you to know that we notice.

And so we say thank-you, on behalf of the many rescued pets, the educated students, those without homes, artists, leading-agers, ill patients, missionaries, those in recovery, people in poverty, those who will know their cultural heritage, individuals with special needs, and those will come to know the world through the pages of a book.

For all of these people, we thank you for being the angels that help make lives richer and better. You are the true ‘winged warriors’ of the world!