Monthly Giving Programs

This post was has been delayed a bit due to a blogging software update. We’ve applied updates to our blogging software that should address an issue that was discovered with posting comments.

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Talk like a Pirate Day

Yaaarrr Maties! September 19th is an auspicious holiday…the 10th Annual Talk like a Pirate Day. If you’ve been wondering just how to celebrate this holiday at your organization, I suggest talking to your colleagues in a pirate voice.

To give you a few ideas on how you can approach your unsuspecting colleagues, please watch this brief video on using the “spreadsheet”-style gift entry form in ResultsPlus 11, delivered in, you guessed it, a pirate voice. Not only can you entertain with your pirate voice, you can educate, as well. Happy Talk like a Pirate Day!

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Wish List #5: Documenting your Decisions

When I first began writing blog entries, I promised to work through a list of the top ten things I wished I would have known when I was working as a development officer and using fundraising software. So far I’ve covered four of them:

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