Best Practices + Best Ideas = Good Results

I recently had the opportunity to attend a webinar that focused on best practices for donor management systems. I attended not so much to learn new facts but to help validate the kinds of advice we give to our customers on a regular basis. I was not surprised to find out that the practices recommended by the presenter are consistent with the suggestions we make to ResultsPlus customers every day. And in most cases, we build specific tools into the application to help carry out those practices as well. Here are just a few of the recommended practices, along with the ResultsPlus resources available to help you achieve them:

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Making Donations via Smartphones

In recent days and weeks, it seems that every major nonprofit journal, blog, professional association, and newsletter has been talking the “mobile” talk. While most donors still give offline (yes, it’s true), those who give online do so from a number of different devices including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. As more and more of the population are adopting smartphones, the ability to display an online giving page in a mobile-friendly format is becoming more important.

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Food for Thought

I am a proud member of the sandwich generation. I’ve been in that club for quite some time, but it’s never been more obvious than right now, when I’m simultaneously coaching my mother through her second knee-replacement recovery while supporting my daughter through her first real crush and prom date.

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They Say it’s Your Birthday! (Do-do-do-do-do-do-do)

Do you send (or want to send) birthday greetings to your donors and prospects? If you know the day or even just the month of your donors’ birthdays, you can send a nice birthday note easily and inexpensively using ResultsPlus. If you wish, you can send a card in the mail. If you prefer email, you can do that instead.

I’ll start by showing a query to qualify people with birthdays during a given month. After that, I’ll write about a few additional tweaks you may want to make, and I’ll mention a few things you may want to think about as you work out how you can implement a sustainable “birthday greeting” process for your donors.

So, if what you really want to do is find all the people in your database who have a birthday in March, for example, your query criterion would look like this:

Month([Folder].[BirthDate]) = 3

For those of you who write a lot of queries, you’ll probably notice this isn’t something you’ve seen before. When writing queries in the designer, the default is to qualify the entire date, not just a part of it. However, with a bit of manual work when initially writing the query, you can adjust the query to focus on one component of the date instead of the entire thing.

The steps would be to:

  1. Select the Folder Table
  2. Select the BirthDate field
  3. Select the Equals (=) operator
  4. Enter the value of 3
  5. Manually enclose the [Folder].[BirthDate] field in Month() like so: Month([Folder].[BirthDate])
  6. Remove the hash symbols (#) from around the number 3.
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