2021 Nonprofit Trends

pexels-olya-kobruseva-5417672The question we’ve all been asking for the last few months: Is 2020 over yet?

The answer (finally): YES.

With the dawn of a new year after a most unprecedented year, we consulted the nonprofit experts to see what they are anticipating for incoming 2021.

Nonprofit Pro highlighted five trends for nonprofit businesses in 2021. Here’s what they are predicting:

Going Green is Growing: The green movement is here to stay and is only getting bigger. More and more people are focused on recycling, repurposing, and supporting companies and organizations with sustainable business practices. Climate change is on the forefront of many minds, and the support of nonprofits that are dedicated to going green is higher than ever.

Always On(line): Your constituents are always on, thanks to the power of technology and the shift to more people working from home. That means that your messaging needs to be consistent, relevant, engaging and versatile, allowing donors to take action from wherever they are, whenever they’re online.

Marketing Turned Customer Service:Marketing teams have become customer experience or donor experience teams.” Marketing teams are no longer just responsible for brand development, but for creating a unique, engaging and supportive donor experience as they continue to gain inside knowledge through marketing research and trends.

Embrace E-Commerce: A brick-and-mortar location is no longer something that nonprofit workers and donors can rely on. That said, more nonprofits than ever will likely be embracing e-commerce as they look for unique ways to raise funds and increase donor engagement.

Gen Z is Incoming: Generation Z is entering the workforce, and this will come with some big, but positive, changes. Why should we be looking forward to the wave of Gen Z workers? “They are recognized as the first generation that grew up entirely in a digital world. That means they process information differently than older generations. They will push your organization toward more innovative technologies, which is great.”


While we’re relieved that 2020 is finally coming to a close, we are thankful for what we’ve learned from such an unprecedented year and are looking forward to 2021. Here’s to a New Year!