4, 3, 2, 1… 4 Tips for Year-End Fundraising

pexels-photo-3401900The holiday season is a crazy one for everyone, especially for those in the fundraising and nonprofit sector. It’s not just about prepping for the new year, it’s also about prepping for the end of the year. One of the best times to launch of a fundraising campaign is the last week of December.

In fact, according to Charity Navigator, 12 percent of all giving happens during the last three days of the year, and one-third of all donations come in during the month of December. That said, it’s clear that Giving Tuesday shouldn’t be the last hurrah for fundraisers. There’s still time to do a final push for 2019 donations. Here are our tips to launch your year-end fundraising strategy:

  1. Be specific with your ask: Setting a goal will create a sense of urgency for your donors, especially when they know there’s an impending deadline. Additionally, asking for a specific dollar amount will encourage donors to make larger donations, so be detailed in your ask rather than keeping it vague.
  2. Create a multi-channel campaign: Utilize all of your communication channels to reach your donors, especially if you are launching the campaign this week! If you’re doing a last-minute ask, you want to make sure you reach your donors where they’re at. If you’ve segmented your donors, you’ll know that some groups are better communicated with via phone call, some via email and some via social media. Create a streamlined campaign that is consistent across all of your communication channels for effective fundraising.
  3. Segment your donors and customize your messaging: One message does not fit all. Increase fundraising success by making sure that your donors are segmented and that you are customizing your communications to suit each group. Individuals are more likely to give when it feels more personalized and when they feel valued.
  4. Take advantage of your digital channels: Never underestimate the power of social media, especially during year-end giving. When more people have off of work and school, they are spending more time perusing their social channels so your message has a better chance of reaching a larger audience and having a greater impact. During the final days of your campaign, don’t feel guilty about posting to social media on a daily basis and sending customized emails to your constituents.

The final push is here, and we are here for you as you complete the final fundraising campaigns of 2019. Here’s to another great year!