4 Benefits of Nonprofit Software in the Cloud

pexels-pixabay-531767The cloud may seem like a scary place, way up in the sky, elusive and unstable. But trust us when we say that cloud technology is not nearly as unpredictable and volatile as the cumulonimbus cloud up in the sky. In fact, the cloud is the most secure and cost-effective place to store data and information!

Remote Access: These days, this benefit is especially pertinent. Many employees are still working remotely and still need access to your organization’s donor data. The cloud provides your team with access and real-time updates to information, whether they’re in their kitchen or in the office.

Security: The idea of instant, remote access may give you a bit of anxiety. Who can access your valuable and sensitive donor information? Well, that’s where the security aspect comes in. The cloud is incredibly safe and secure, with many safeguards in place, like firewalls and customizable permissions, to make sure that you can control who can access information and what they can do with it.

Resiliency: The last 18 months have demonstrated the needs for corporations and nonprofits to be resilient in the face of crisis. Disasters can strike out of nowhere, whether it’s a fire or a global pandemic. Storing information in the cloud makes your nonprofit more resilient and able to continue operations amid a crisis. Fires and floods can destroy paperwork, but with information stored in the cloud you do not run the risk of losing valuable data. When pandemic strikes, you can keep your staff safe and up-and-running as they’ll have access to the information they need from anywhere. The cloud sets you up for success, no matter what the world throws at you.

Expandability: Starting small and growing as your organization grows is one of the top benefits of cloud technology. As a nonprofit, you may be on a very strict budget, have a small staff, etc. The cloud accommodates this by being easily expandable as your organization grows and you need more bandwidth. This makes it budget-friendly and customizable to your budgetary, staffing and storage needs.


Keeping your information stored in the cloud is a great option and adopting a CRM with cloud accessibility is key to maintaining data security, staff safety and resiliency in your nonprofit. ResultsPlus Online offers you the full power and accessibility of ResultsPlus as a remotely hosted and managed application. Your database is housed securely offsite in a secure and redundant world-class data center—without the expense of internal infrastructure and software licenses.