5 2022 Nonprofit Priorities

pexels-polina-zimmerman-3782235Welcome to 2022! By now you may have set your own personal New Year’s Resolutions, but what about resolutions for your nonprofit? We did some digging to see what other nonprofit pros are prioritizing going into 2022, and here are some suggestions:

  1. Focus on engagement: This year, rather than focusing strictly on donor acquisition, look into some new ways to engage the donors you do have. Engaged donors are more active and feel more connected with your organization and your cause and are more likely to become repeat and/or regular donors. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.
  2. Find new ways to connect donors with your cause: Today, many of your donors are looking at big-picture issues, from climate change to systemic injustice. It’s important to find a way to connect your cause with these bigger issues that your donors are focused on in order to help your donors connect with your cause in a more tangible, meaningful way. This can be done through intentional storytelling and making sure that the story you’re telling reflects the bigger societal issues that are on the minds of your donors.
  3. Maintain your virtual operations: Your virtual events and fundraisers shouldn’t be going anywhere in 2022. There is still quite a bit of uncertainty regarding the pandemic and it’s important to be conscious of the safety of your team members and donors. That said, this will likely not be the year to phase out virtual events quite yet.
  4. Prioritize hiring diverse talent: According to Philanthropy News Digest, 79 percent of U.S. nonprofits plan to prioritize talent acquisition this year. This is an increase from 59 percent in 2020. They also found that the top recruitment priority is “attracting and hiring diverse talent.” Giving hiring a renewed focus means that you can align your hiring practices with the other areas in your organization that you are prioritizing and making sure that your team is diverse, inclusive and able to bring fresh, new perspectives to your nonprofit.
  5. Turn your attention to tech: In order to become more agile, efficient and impactful, it’s important that you and your team are deploying the right technology solutions. One of these technology solutions might be a CRM. So, whether you’ve had the technology implemented for years or you’re starting to explore new options, this is a great year to prioritize technology to help your team do their jobs and support your mission even better.

No matter what your priorities look like this year, our team is here to support you in advancing your mission. Our team of experts has your back and is ready to help you have a successful 2022!