5 Ways to Demonstrate Your Nonprofit’s Influence

pexels-rodolfo-clix-1036936One of the best ways to increase donations is to show donors and prospective donors all of the great work that your nonprofit is doing. Today’s donors want to know where their time and money are going and demonstrating your nonprofit’s impact and influence is a great way to prove to your donors that their limited time and hard-earned money is going toward something great!

Here are some strategies to help you show the impact that your nonprofit is making so you can continue to engage current donors and attract new donors:

  1. Use stats/numbers: Numbers talk for many donors. Showing statistics demonstrating the progress of campaigns and fundraisers or your overall impact as an organization provides the transparency that donors and prospects want as it gives them insight into what you’re doing, how you’re tracking toward your goals, and where other donations are going.
  2. Tell a story: There is no shortage of possibilities when it comes to telling your story and demonstrating your impact in a visually appealing way, from videos to photos to graphs and charts. You can send out mailers, post to social media or send emails. Sharing photos or videos of projects in progress, projects that have been completed, volunteer activity, etc. is a great way to show what your organization is doing and what they have done to support their mission.
  3. Highlight people who have been impacted: Nothing demonstrates impact like real people telling real stories. You can do this through video testimonials, interviews or a series of social media posts. These stories are often raw and invoke emotions, driving action and demonstrating all the good that your organization does and the people it supports.
  4. Reach donors where they’re at: You have a variety of platforms available to you, so it’s important that you use them all to reach your donors on the platforms they use the most! This includes making phone calls, utilizing social media (yes, that means TikTok!), sending emails and even mailing cards.
  5. Compile an annual report: An annual report is a great way to showcase your yearly progress and impact in a comprehensive way. This will give donors an idea of the influence you have throughout the year, as well as to see the goals you have set for the next.

Are there ways that you are demonstrating your nonprofit’s influence to potential donors? Let us know!