Budget-Friendly Philanthropy

pexels-pixabay-128867The COVID-19 pandemic has left many folks working with a very tight budget. But the pandemic, as well as a barrage of social issues, has also inspired many to be more philanthropic and help those who are struggling. So, how can you do both?

Last summer, Forbes put together a list of 15 ways to be philanthropic on a budget. You can give back without breaking the bank and, sometimes, without spending any money at all! Here are Forbes’s suggestions:

  1. Leverage your core business
  2. Join a nonprofit’s board of directors
  3. Initiate mentorship events
  4. Host events with free giveaways
  5. Create programs that tie in with workforce development
  6. Volunteer your time and encourage staff to do so, too
  7. Encourage employees to attend charitable events
  8. Donate your skills
  9. Set up automatic charity donations
  10. Reward referrals with donations
  11. Match employee contributions
  12. Support local restaurants
  13. Virtually read to children
  14. Help emergency workers
  15. Sponsor a local robotics team

The Penny Hoarder also highlighted some budget-friendly ways to donate to charity:

  1. Help people find jobs
  2. Teach computer skills
  3. Donate unused clothing, toys, household goods, etc.
  4. Donate old electronics
  5. Host a garage sale for charity
  6. Shop for charity (like Amazon Smile)

If you’re looking for ways to give back that align with your budget, we hope that this list will help you find ways to participate in philanthropy without breaking the bank!