Call them, beep them if you want to reach them: Engage donors on social media

As a millennial PR and communications professional, I think it’s safe to say that I love me some social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn – I’m always plugged in. And while we can debate whether or not this is healthy another time, it’s clear that the best way to connect with me is through digital means. In the words of children’s cartoon character, Kim Possible, “Call me, beep me if you want to reach me!”

And I’m definitely not the only one who is ignoring phone calls and snail mail and replacing them with tweets, snaps, texts and my Facebook news feed. Millennials are instigating a shift in fundraising, and whether you love it or are scared of it, it’s time to embrace all that social media has to offer and to use it to your advantage when engaging with digital-lovers.

  1. Choose which social platforms are best for your nonprofit. Just because there are dozens of social media channels out there doesn’t mean that you need to use all of them. Do some research and find a few that will benefit your organization the most. Limiting the platforms to just a few will also allow you to put more of your focus on those platforms instead of frantically trying to put content on eight different social channels, or neglecting some of them and letting them fall to the wayside.
  2. Be concise with your content. Your donors who are following you on social don’t want to read lengthy, word-y posts with unpronounceable words. Less is often more when it comes to social media content so, if you’re posting an article, give your readers a short synopsis of what the article is about. If they want more info, they’ll read the article!
  3. Mix it up! As the Joker says, “Why so serious?” Your posts don’t always have to be serious and filled with stats and nonprofit lingo. Social media is meant to be casual, so mix it up with inspiring images, social media contests and giveaways, did-you-know posts, humorous (but appropriate) memes and gifs, photos from events and organization goings-on, etc.
  4. Run your campaigns on social media. What better way to reach a digitally-savvy generation than on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond! Explore ways to promote your nonprofit’s upcoming campaign or fundraiser across your social channels. This could include using a unique hashtag, integrating a way to donate to your cause directly from your social platform, crowdfunding and more.
  5. Be responsive. Don’t just post and leave, make sure that you’re actually engaging with your visitors. Converse when people comment, share content from other users, respond to messages and start conversation. This makes you seem less like a social media profile, and more like a person who your visitors can form a connection with.

Is your nonprofit using social media? Which platforms have you used the most to engage with your donors? Comment below (or tweet us, Facebook message us, email us…)!