Closing Out an Unprecedented Year in Your ResultsPlus CRM

pexels-jess-bailey-designs-1558691Was 2020 the longest year ever? Yes. But, despite the fact that the year appears to be never-ending, year-end is here again, and most nonprofits are making their final requests for donations for the 2020 calendar year. And while nonprofits are having to change their strategy for year-end fundraising to accommodate the raging pandemic, it’s still important that you follow your year-end procedures to assure your database is up-to-date with the latest donation and donor information. 

When it comes to asking for end-of-the-year gifts, especially in this unprecedented year, the best donors to go to are those who gave to your nonprofit last year but haven’t given yet this year. These donors have shown a vested interest in your cause and may have forgotten to give or waited until the giving season is underway to make their donation decisions. Though it is also important to be conscious of widespread financial difficulties this year, you will want to reach out to your loyal, regular, annual donors to see if they are able to give again this year. 

There are two ways to easily get a list of donors that gave last year, but not this year, also shortened to LYBUNT (Last Year But Not This).

  1. Run a query: Folder.LastGiftDate is less than or equal to 1/1/2020 
  2. Simply run the LYBUNT Donors listing from the Performance TabDonor Retention section – LYBUNT Donors

Once you see your list of LYBUNT donors, you can right-click anywhere on the list and choose the option to Send List to Mail Merge.

While asking for gifts may be a bit more precarious this year than in previous years, we are encouraged to see that charitable giving continues to surge this year as people are coming together to make a difference in their communities.

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