Digital Fundraising Tips for Even the Not-Tech-Savvy Nonprofit

pexels-pixabay-35550We are approaching the most charitable time of the year, and it’s often the time of year when nonprofits ramp up their fundraising efforts.

This year, however, is looking a little bit different as most in-person fundraising efforts are off the table due to the coronavirus pandemic. Galas, silent auctions, golf outings, etc. Because of the health and safety guidelines associated with COVID-19, we urge nonprofits to avoid gatherings like these and replace them with virtual fundraising campaigns instead.

Here are some ideas:

  • Collect donations, specifically for those affected by COVID-19.
  • Plan a virtual run/walk and have participants share photos or videos.
  • Have an online silent auction. This is an especially great way to promote local businesses and bring some attention to their work, too.
  • Host a virtual conference. This can all be done over Zoom so participants can still get all the same info they would get at an in-person conference, just from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Host a virtual cooking lesson. Pick a dish, post the ingredients on your website ahead of time, get a local chef to walk virtual participants through the recipe and have the proceeds from admission to go your cause!
  • Take advantage of national giving days. Giving Tuesday is coming up fast and taking advantage of national giving days like Giving Tuesday is a great way to bring attention to your organization. We encourage you to get started now!
  • Sell your swag online. If you usually give away branded merchandise to your top donors, you may want to consider selling it on your website or your social channels. If you don’t have branded merchandise, we encourage you to host an art contest and let social media followers submit their own designs for your merch that you can then go and sell online.

Things may seem hopeless right now, especially as the pandemic continues to rage on. But it’s not a sign for your nonprofit to slow down and give up; it’s a chance for your team to get the creative juices flowing and take advantage of advances in technology so you can continue to support your cause while keeping your staff, volunteers and donors safe.