Fundraising designed for you: NEW ResultsPlus form enhancements

light-lamp-electricity-power-159108One of our goals here at Metafile is to constantly provide up-to-date, functional software that will enhance your fundraising efforts and make your job easier.

We're always making updates and revisions to ResultsPlus, and in our most recent revision, those with the Platinum version of ResultsPlus will see some fun, new form changes. Haven't heard of ResultsPlus Platinum? It features Project Management, a complete event management module fully integrated into the basic ResultsPlus database. Project Management allows users to:

  • Plan: Establish goals and budgets for upcoming events, maintain a to-do list and create performance and default codes for projects.
  • Promote: Design and record sponsorship levels, recruit sponsors, store sponsor logos and generate mailing lists for invites.
  • Manage: Set up dinners, auctions and other events, record attendees and registrants, ticket sales and gifts, send confirmation mailings, organize table assignments and record auction item donations.
  • Analyze: Use ResultsPlus queries to generate lists and analyze performance, query on project tables and track tax-deductible portions of ticket prices for tax statements
  • Follow-up: Create thank-you notes and follow-up emails, evaluate attendee data and plan cultivation efforts.

To allow visibility of more data entry fields when entering data into a project within ResultsPlus Project Management, several of the forms have been expanded.

Planning a charity dinner or gala? We have added Total Capacity, Seats Available and a new column showing how many seats are open at each table so you know where there is an open seat and can appropriately organize attendees and keep your seating chart up-to-date.

For those who do not have the Platinum version of ResultsPlus, we made some fun form modifications to the basic version of ResultsPlus, too. The Add/Find form in ResultsPlus allows users to quickly add or find a constituent, but sometimes users expand the field to have better visibility, only to discover that it doesn’t stay that size the next time the user goes to use the form. We’ve updated our Add/Find form so it will remain the size the user adjusts it to until the user changes it again. Log back into ResultsPlus after exiting and go to a previously-adjusted form, and that form will be the size it was previously adjusted to rather than being reverted back to the standard size.

Current ResultsPlus users, here’s how to make it happen with the Add/Find form:

  1. Click on Add/Find. Type in a last name and click “Find.”
  2. When the Lookup Constituent form appears, grab the outside edge of the form and stretch it vertically and/or horizontally to your liking, and click “Ok.”
  3. Now, next time you look up a record using Add/Find, the Look Up Constituent form will be the same size as you had previously adjusted it to.

This is just one of the enhancements we’ve had on our radar, and we always appreciate your suggestions and so we can make ResultsPlus the ideal tool to meet your fundraising needs!