Giving back after disaster: 7 ways to help following Hurricane Florence

The wrath of Mother Nature has struck again, and Carolinians are now transitioning into recovery mode now that Hurricane Florence has made its grand exit. And since the hurricane is over, many individuals, nonprofits and corporations are stepping in to help the affected communities recover. If you’re wondering how you can help, this article by NPR has some great insight and resources.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Give cash. There’s no doubt that supplies are needed, but it takes a lot of sorting and organizing by first responders and other community members. That said, it is sometimes best to donate cash so that organizations can give it directly to individuals, or purchase the supplies they need.
  • Give to national organizations. NPR gave a list of reputable, national organizations that are lending a hand to Hurricane Florence humanitarian efforts. This list included Gleaning for the World, GlobalGiving, Donors Choose, International Medical Corps, GoFundMe, Operation BBQ Relief and World Hope International.
  • Research local organizations. Choose to donate to a charity that is right in the community and able to directly address issues and be right in the heart of things. These include the North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund, One SC Fund, Hearts With Hands, Foundation For The Carolinas, Lutheran Services Carolinas, Baptists on Mission and World Central Kitchen.
  • Give supplies. Many organizations will list exactly what they’re in need of, so make sure to pay attention and only give the items that are listed. This helps streamline the process of sorting donations and making sure that they are reaching the right people. Check out the Diaper Bank of North Carolina, Loaves and Fishes, Feeding the Carolinas and local food banks.
  • Send your donations to local police and fire stations. Many police and sheriffs’ departments accept donations like bottled water, canned goods and other supplies and will donate the items to those in need.
  • Give to animal shelters. People weren’t the only ones affected by the hurricane, so consider donating pet supplies to animal shelters to help out the furry friends who were separated from their families. Make sure to call shelters or check out their website to get a list of exactly what they’re looking for. Able to foster a pet? Many shelters are filled to capacity and can’t take in more animals, so if you and your family are able to give a dog or cat a home, whether temporary or permanent, reach out to your local shelters and see how you can lend a hand.
  • Donate blood or time. There is currently a shortage in the blood supply and the American Red Cross is encouraging people in Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia to donate if they are able. And if you’re local or planning a trip to the Carolinas, consider volunteering. However, the states of North and South Carolina have asked that volunteers not self-deploy, so fill out this online form to help members of disaster relief organizations find the best way for your skills to be utilized in North Carolina, or check out the United Way website to find out where the biggest needs are.

Here at Metafile, our thoughts go out to all those affected by Hurricane Florence!