Holiday Traditions

On this last day of work before the Christmas holiday here at Metafile, there are people wearing Santa hats, and goodies galore. Even in the midst of a strategy session or team meeting, someone’s earrings will be blinking or a holiday pen will be scribbling notes.

There’s definitely a festive spirit in the air, and I suspect it’s fueled by the fact that we’ll have a few extra days off to celebrate and spend time with family and friends. These are some of the favorite celebrations and traditions shared by members of the ResultsPlus support team:

Every year my siblings and their families contribute canned goods to the local food shelf during a free movie event at the local theatre.  We start the morning by donating a gift to the sharing tree at the local mall, go to breakfast, then donate the canned goods at the local movie theatre and then see a movie.  It is a full day of gathering of the families.

I spent Christmas 2009 in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Combat Medic. I didn’t get to see my family that year for the holidays so I have since learned to appreciate just being with them during this time of year.  In 2016 I will be a grandma for the first time so I am really looking forward to a have a new grandchild to spoil.

Every year on Christmas morning my family enjoys ‘ham omelet’ for breakfast.  This is actually an egg bake or strata, but for as long as I can remember, my mother and grandmother would put it into the oven early so it could bake while the little kids opened all of their presents.  We would then take a break and indulge in the ham omelet, and then the adults would get to open their presents, too.

One of my favorite traditions is getting up in the middle of the night to hang Christmas stockings for my fully-grown children. I know that they still get a little thrill when they see them in the morning, stuffed with huge apples and oranges and some silly little gifts. For a few minutes, I get to remember them as small children under the magic spell of Christmas.

Warm wishes are coming your way from all of us at Metafile to all of you. May you enjoy your own holiday traditions and celebrate the spirit of the season in your own favorite ways.