How to Welcome Donors Back Post-COVID

pexels-artem-beliaikin-1036857It’s finally happening. The world is starting to slowly open back up again and things are starting to feel like something resembling normal. Whether it’s ditching the mask at certain public places, shaking hands or returning to the office, life is starting to normalize again here in the U.S.

So now that post-COVID is eminent, it’s time to start welcoming your donors back and get your fundraising back on-track. Here are some tips for engaging with your donors post-pandemic:

  • Send a personalized thank you to those who donated during the pandemic.
  • Host an appreciation event for your volunteers.
  • Host an appreciation event for your top COVID donors.
  • Schedule an in-person conference.
  • Invite donors to your newly opened facility and give them a tour.
  • Schedule lunch or coffee meetings with previous top donors who did not donate during COVID.
  • Announce your office opening on social media.
  • Organize a volunteer fundraising event.

How have you and your team been adjusting to the lifting of COVID restrictions and the slow return to something resembling a pre-COVID world. We are so happy to be shaking hands, giving hugs and seeing real-life faces back in the office, and we’re sure you are too! Wishing you a safe and happy return to normal!