No tricks, just treats with donor management software

pexels-photo-1376966We're only a couple of days away from Halloween, and here at ResultsPlus from Metafile we have a strict "treat-only" policy. This doesn't mean that we only give out candy (though you'll often find bowls of tasty treats on our employees' desks), but that our ResultsPlus Nonprofit CRM software provides only benefits to our customers.

ResultsPlus users have experienced many treats, or benefits, with the software. Here are just a few:

  1. Greater visibility into your fundraising and campaign progress. See how you're tracking toward your goals in your current campaigns, look at past campaigns and measure success. You can easily see who your highest donors are and which of your constituents are donating to specific campaigns or fundraisers.
  2. Ability to more accurately segment donors. Don't mass-email your entire constituent database - nobody appreciates that! A donor management system allows you to more accurately segment your donors based on their giving behavior. This means you can reach out to them when the campaign or appeal is something that they have showed interest in in the past. It also allows you to reach out to donors who are regular givers and ask for repeat gifts, reach out to major gift donors and ask for larger gifts, or reach out to inconsistent donors to see if they'd like to become more involved in an upcoming campaign.
  3. A comprehensive system to store donor information so you can personalize communications. As a nonprofit, it's essential that you don't treat your donors like just another number or dollar amount. You want to be sure that your communication is personal and tailored to each donors' unique giving habits. A database gives you a place to store information on not just their giving habits, but the conversations you've had with them. Do they have a summer home in Florida? Are their children into sports? Do you root for the same baseball team? Knowing small details like this can help you personalize your communications and make your donors feel more comfortable and like a member of your fundraising team.

These are just a few of the many treats that a nonprofit donor management database can provide to you and your fundraising team. Want to see how our customers have benefitted? Check out testimonials on our website.