Spring into volunteering

pexels-alena-koval-920147The weather is warming up, and for many of us our schedules are relaxing a bit. This means more time to relax in the sun, enjoy a backyard cook-out, and explore some volunteer opportunities.

If you’re looking for some ways to give back to your community this spring and summer, we have a list for you! Read on for some spring-friendly volunteering ideas so you can enjoy some time in the sun AND do good for your community and the world.

  1. Walk dogs for your local humane society.
  2. Plant trees to help your community go green.
  3. Volunteer to do neighborhood clean-up.
  4. Participate in a charity run or walk.
  5. Do yard clean-up for senior citizens in your neighborhood.
  6. Host a summer clothing drive.
  7. Join a beautification committee.
  8. Do an outdoor toy drive.
  9. Volunteer to coach a local youth sports team.
  10. Build a Little Free Library.
  11. Pick up trash on your hikes or walks.
  12. Be a volunteer lifeguard.
  13. Sign up to volunteer at your local Boys and Girls Club.
  14. Be a camp counselor.
  15. Be a volunteer tutor.

If you have found other fun, unique ways to give back in the spring and summer months, please share them in the comments below! Happy Spring Volunteering!