System Administrators: Your personal technology superheroes

Tomorrow is System Administrator Appreciation Day, and we want to use this week’s blog post to say how much we appreciate our System Administrators here at Metafile, and why you should show yours how truly thankful you are for them.

Our System Administrators work endlessly to make sure that our networks, servers and equipment are up-to-date and working smoothly. To some of us who are a bit technologically-challenged, it seems almost magical that our computers and other technology operate like they’re supposed to on a daily basis. But on the backend is a team of highly skilled, tech-savvy gurus who are making sure that us clueless operators have machines that work like magic.

Our ResultsPlus Online customers also have our System Administrators to thank. Clients can have peace-of-mind when they store their database information in our data center, knowing with confidence that their valuable donor data is safe and secure. If you’ve installed ResultsPlus software at your office or in your own data center, you likely had a System Administrator who walked you through the process, making sure that all requirements were met and that the company’s server could support the system.

Today, most nonprofit organizations depend on technology for everyday tasks, including credit card processing, cloud storage, and even things as simple as adequate internet access. We like to compare System Administrators to superheroes – always ready to save the day when an email server crashes, and constantly on-call, day and night, to keep an eye on system and network infrastructure. They’re the heroes your company deserves.

We hope you will take some time tomorrow to show your appreciation for your organization’s System Administrators and all the hard work that they put in to make sure that your technology is running like magic.