Taking it to the Next Level: ResultsPlus Platinum

pexels-marek-levak-2265488All the awesome functionality of ResultsPlus with all sorts of innovative functionality that you’ll be wondering what you ever did without! Have you heard of ResultsPlus Platinum? If not, we forgive you and we’re here to give you the low-down on this comprehensive, functionality-packed ResultsPlus upgrade.

ResultsPlus Platinum is available to ResultsPlus Online (cloud) users and includes Project Management, Schedule Server and Business Logic Support. These great new features add a whole new dimension to your fundraising efforts. Here’s what you need to know about those added features:

Schedule Server

Running reports got you down? Not to worry, Schedule Server feature is here to help.

Keeping your data up-to-date and having visibility into that data is vital to your fundraising success. Scheduling Server allows users at your organization to schedule reports to run completely unattended. This means that reports:

  • Can be set to run automatically
  • Are delivered as an email attachment to your list of recipients
  • Can be scheduled to run during off-peak hours to prevent strain on your network

Have imports? If you regularly import a data file, like a list of gifts from your credit card vendor, you can set up a scheduled import to bring the gifts into a new batch for review and processing within your ResultsPlus database.

Project Management

We saved the best for last! Project management is fully integrated in the ResultsPlus database. No more duplicate entry. No more searching for lists. Your members, donors and prospects are immediately available to you as prospective event sponsors and registrants. And, conversely, the people you register or enter for special events are identified and available in ResultsPlus for follow-up and solicitation. The result is a shared donor history that puts everything in one place—at your fingertips.

Plan Events

  • Establish goal and budget amounts
  • Establish default performance codes
  • Record and maintain 'To Do' lists for each project
  • Create default codes for projects and sub-projects

Promote Events

  • Design and record sponsorship levels and benefits
  • Recruit sponsors with established benefits packages
  • Store sponsor logos and note preferences for use in collateral materials
  • Generate mailing lists for invitations

Set up and Manage Events

  • Set up dinners, auctions, golf events, or create your own custom sub-project
  • Record attendees and registrants, ticket sales and gifts
  • Send confirmation mailings and emails
  • Organize attendee group assignments, like table seating and foursomes
  • Record auction item donations, bundle items together, and link buyers

Analyze and Report on Events

  • Use ResultsPlus queries to generate lists and analyze financial performance
  • Use the quick report to customize the display of your queries
  • Query on project tables to create the data that is important to you
  • Track the tax-deductible portion of ticket price for tax statements

Follow up on Events

  • Create thank you notes and follow-up emails
  • Evaluate attendee data against acquisition goals
  • Plan cultivation efforts to transition attendees into repeat annual donors

ResultsPlus Platinum offers all this functionality and unlimited records. Sound like something you could take advantage of? Consider an upgrade to ResultsPlus Platinum.