Using CRM to Successfully Manage Your Major Gifts or Moves Management Fundraising


Major gifts represent a significant portion of revenue for many organizations. These substantial contributions come from individual donors, and cultivating these relationships is a critical activity known as moves management. Managing these relationships effectively can significantly impact an organization's financial health and long-term stability. One tool that is indispensable in this process is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system like ResultsPlus.

Improved Communication: A CRM allows an organization to tailor its outreach strategies, ensuring that communication with major donors was personalized and timely. For instance, automated reminders enable staff to send thoughtful messages on donor anniversaries or to follow up after a major event. Reporting tools also provide insights into donor behaviors and trends, empowering the organization to craft more effective, data-driven engagement strategies. Ultimately, a CRM fosters stronger, more transparent relationships with major donors, who feel more valued and connected to the organization’s mission.

Tracking and Analysis of Donor Behavior: A CRM enables organizations to cultivate more strategic and informed relationships with their supporters. Within a unified platform, a CRM records every interaction and transaction associated with each donor, creating a comprehensive and easily accessible history. With this detailed analysis at their fingertips, organizations can segment their donor base more effectively, identifying which donors are primed for an upgrade to major gift status, or who may need more engagement to remain a committed supporter. Ultimately, a CRM simplifies the complex task of tracking and analyzing major donor behavior, turning a wealth of data into actionable insights that can drive more targeted and successful fundraising strategies.

Streamlining the Moves Management Process: A CRM centralizes all interactions, communications, and information related to an individual or organization, allowing team members to quickly access and assess the history and current status of a relationship. As a result, professionals can identify where a prospect lies within the cultivation cycle—from identification and cultivation to solicitation and stewardship. The CRM's automation tools facilitate timely and personalized outreach, setting reminders for follow-ups, and generating reports that analyze engagement levels and forecast potential giving or sales opportunities.

Facilitating Collaboration Among Teams: A CRM serves as a collaborative hub for teams involved in the Moves Management Process, fostering clear communication and alignment among various departments within an organization. By centralizing all donor or client data into a single, accessible platform, team members from development, marketing, customer service, and executive levels can all view and contribute to a comprehensive picture of each relationship. This shared visibility ensures that everyone is working with the most up-to-date and complete information, eliminating silos that can lead to miscommunication or duplicated efforts. With features such as task assignments, shared calendars, and notes sections, a CRM enables seamless coordination of responsibilities and timelines among team members.

Establish Clear Stages for Moves Management: A CRM plays a critical role in establishing clear, actionable stages for the Moves Management process, providing a structured and systematic approach to donor engagement and relationship-building. Within a CRM, organizations can create distinct, customizable stages that reflect the progression of a relationship with a donor or prospect, such as Identification, Qualification, Cultivation, Solicitation, and Stewardship. Each of these stages can be clearly defined with specific criteria, actions, and milestones that a prospect should meet before moving to the next stage. This clarity enables staff to understand precisely where each donor or prospect is in their journey, what steps have been taken, and what actions are required next.

In the world of major gifts or moves management fundraising, relationships are everything. A CRM system empowers your organization to nurture these relationships in a structured, strategic, and highly effective manner, ultimately leading to more significant and sustained support for your cause.