Weather or Not, Nonprofit Technology Change is Inevitable

A storm blew through yesterday afternoon, complete with ominous clouds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning. It’s an awesome thing to watch the lightning jump from sky to ground before your brain even registers that it happened.

It reminded me of how things happen in technology – at seemingly lightning speed. Well, at least it may seem that way for users of day-to-day technology. Sometimes it feels like things change right about the time you’ve finally gotten used to the last time things changed!

Those who design software products might feel more like the thunder that follows the lighting – always trying to catch up. For the ResultsPlus developers, it’s a daily job to keep an eye on those changes that affect our software and our customers. These are some of the things they’re working on now:

  • Many users are finding themselves suddenly using Windows 10, intentionally or not. ResultsPlus appears to work well in Windows 10, though users of our online product are required to use the legacy browser, Internet Explorer 11, to connect to their sites. We continue to test in this new Microsoft environment and are building a body of knowledge to assist users who run into roadblocks in their local environments.
  • Microsoft recently released SQL Server 2016, so we’re also actively testing to make sure ResultsPlus continues to work well with the newest version of their database engine. If you’re considering this upgrade, please note that they are not supporting this new version of SQL Server on a Windows 7 computer, so make sure to check into all the Microsoft requirements for making a change in this area.
  • We continue to receive ideas for enhancements and functionality to make jobs easier for our users. While not every idea is incorporated into the end product, those with the potential to benefit a number of our customers are given special consideration and attention. Customer-submitted ideas are also vital in the design of new versions of ResultsPlus.

Today the sun is shining, the humidity is gone, and the temperature is 78 degrees. While we’re enjoying this perfect weather, we can’t forget that there is always a storm in the future and another lightning bolt on the way. And it too will eventually bring more sunshine.

Here’s wishing you your own dose of perfect weather for as long as it lasts!