3 Ways to Show Donors the Impact of your Nonprofit

pexels-donald-tong-193821“Our nonprofit makes a huge difference in the community,” you say.

“Prove it,” they say.

Now, more than ever, demonstrating the impact of your nonprofit is crucial. Doing so has an array of benefits, including:

  • Building trust amongst current, past and potential donors
  • Attracting support from new donors
  • Empowering donors to keep the mission moving forward
  • Recognizing donors and volunteers for the work they do

It’s obvious that demonstrating your nonprofit’s impact can have a hugely positive affect on your current and future donor base. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of strategies to help you demonstrate the impact that your nonprofit is making so you can continue to engage current donors and attract new donors:

  1. Use stats/numbers: For many people, the numbers do all the talking. Show solid statistics, whether through an annual report, a graph or a chart. Data lovers want to see the numbers associated with your work. These numbers may include what your overhead was, how much of the donations received went toward the cause, how much money was raised during a certain campaign or a certain time period, etc. This transparency will be much appreciated and demonstrate the financial impact of donor gifts.
  2. Use visuals: Photos, graphics and videos – there is no shortage of possibilities when it comes to telling your story and demonstrating your impact in a visually-appealing way. You can do this through mailers, social media or email, sharing photos or videos of projects in the process of completion, projects that have been completed, volunteers at work or events.
  3. Use real-life people who have been impacted: Nothing demonstrates impact like real people telling real stories. Video testimonials are the ultimate way to show impact. Many find information more reputable when it’s coming straight from the mouth of someone who has been positively affected by the work your nonprofit does. These stories are often raw and invoke emotions, driving action and demonstrating all of the good that your organization does.

There are a variety of ways to show the positive impact that your nonprofit is having on your community. How are you making your donors feel the impact of your work?