4 Reasons to Switch to Cloud Tech for Nonprofits

pexels-konevi-3789871 (1)In light of today’s uncertainty, we have been receiving numerous calls requesting information about our ResultsPlus Online service. More than ever, organizations are requesting that their employees work from home, and for those whose current infrastructure may be lacking, it can be hard to complete day-to-day tasks.

With the push for a “work anywhere” culture, now is a great time to explore the benefits of cloud technology. While it may seem daunting and unsafe to store information in the cloud, it is actually allowing nonprofits to be more agile, efficient, compliant and secure in their operations. How, you ask? 

  1. It allows remote access for employees. These days, this is essential. Storing information in the cloud makes it accessible for all employees anytime, anywhere. This means that your nonprofit’s operations can still run smoothly and efficiently because donor data is available and able to be updated in real-time.
  2. It’s secure. While it may sound like storing data in the cloud is insecure, it’s actually a safer and more compliant way to store and access information. Cloud technology follows strict compliance standards and provides a host of safeguards to make sure data can’t be accessed by anyone outside of your organization. When information isn’t stored on a server, it’s more difficult for hackers to break in and grab pertinent, crucial business information.
  3. It’s scalable. Storage space in the cloud is unlimited. And, not only that, but storing information in the cloud won’t slow down your system because nothing is stored directly on your computer or server. However, you don’t need to purchase unlimited storage space right away. Start small – you can increase your storage as your organization grows because of the scalability of cloud technology.
  4. It frees up your IT team. Because cloud tech isn’t stored on your organization’s server, this is one aspect of your nonprofit that your IT team won’t have to worry much about, if at all. This frees up your IT staff to focus on other more pertinent projects, like helping you manage those pesky video conferencing and chat applications.

Here at ResultsPlus, we’re proud to offer ResultsPlus Online, the cloud version of our nonprofit CRM. If you’re considering cloud, tech we encourage you to learn more and talk with your sales rep about switching to ResultsPlus Online. Have ResultsPlus but not in the cloud? All installed customers can easily migrate from the installed version to the cloud. While this may seem like a dramatic shift, the system works the same so there is no learning curve. The migration to the cloud from your end is simple and cost-effective. And, don’t worry, we will walk you through the whole process.

The cloud service provides you with the following: 

  • All functionality (Platinum)
  • Support (phone and email)
  • IT services (updates, enhancements and daily back-ups)
  • Unlimited FREE records

The cloud is one of the keys to work-from-home and in-office fundraising success, and we’re here to help make the this new work reality a little easier. Ready to go from on-premise to cloud-based? We’ve got your back.