6 fundraising trends to watch in 2017

We are one month into 2017, and we hope that you are on-track to achieve both your personal and professional resolutions! This year promises to be an innovative and transformative year in the nonprofit industry, and we are excited to see what it ha09s in store. Here are some of the fundraising trends we’re keeping our eyes on in 2017:

  1. Social media: We know, social media has been on this list for years. But we have seen major increases in social media technology, especially over the last year. So, in 2017 we’re expecting to see many more nonprofits embracing social media for fundraising and crowdfunding, especially Snapchat and Instagram as video becomes ever more popular.
  2. Cloud: It’s all about the cloud! While some still see storing information in the cloud as risky and complicated, even more people are finding the benefits of utilizing the efficiency and security of cloud computing. And so much of that technology we were talking about above is now available in the cloud, which means no hardware, easy updates and saved storage space for your organization.
  3. Big data: With the dawn of the cloud came the availability of additional data. More and more information is available to fundraisers to learn about their donors and prospects, and we expect these tech savvy nonprofits to take advantage of the big data to dig deeper into their donor databases.
  4. Storytelling: These days, video is by far the most popular way of passing along information. We expect to see more nonprofits telling their stories with video in 2017, while still maintaining the conventional storytelling methods. Storytelling is best way to share your mission with your donors, so it will continue to be an important aspect of fundraising and donor communications this year.
  5. Mobile: Mobile fundraising, mobile crowdfunding, mobile apps, mobile donations… Everything is available on mobile these days! As nonprofits continue to streamline their fundraising, we will likely see an increase in nonprofits focusing on mobile optimization.
  6. Emphasis on technology: Technology continues to advance and become more readily available, making it easier for nonprofits to find technology that caters to their unique mission and needs. Knowing that, we’ll see more nonprofits embracing technology, like donor databases, accounting systems and other fundraising technology, in 2017.

Which trends are you already seeing, expecting to see or looking forward to jumping on the bandwagon for? Let us know by leaving us a comment!