Document Archival: It's in Store For You

For years our customers have been asking for the ability to store gift-related collateral materials in their ResultsPlus database. I’m talking about things like pledge forms, check images, and other correspondence included with donations that arrive in your mailbox. You know, those things we feel compelled to store - just in case we’re ever asked to produce it?

If you're one of those customers who's been patiently waiting, you can stop holding your breath and repeat after me:  Hello Document Archival.

Document Archival is a feature now available in the Platinum version of ResultsPlus. It enables you to archive (or permanently store) PDF files containing images of checks or pledge cards, plus reports and other documents – all right inside your ResultsPlus database. What’s more, for content created from text files, you can search the entire archive by keyword to retrieve the exact content you need.

Are you ready?

To take advantage of this important resource, you’ll need to have a ResultsPlus Platinum license and be running version 11.5 or newer. If you’re a ResultsPlus Online customer, you automatically meet these requirements so contact your Metafile Administrator if you’re interested in setting it up. If you use the installed version of ResultsPlus, you may need to upgrade your version and your license. If you're not sure how ready you are, reach out to us via, on the support line at 1-800-222-4096, or send email to We'll be happy to help you figure out what you need and how best to proceed.

HelpAre you curious?

If you're not quite ready to talk to someone about Document Archival, just check out the information in the help system. You'll find it in the Archiving Documents section in the Table of Contents. Just click the little blue Help icon in the upper-right corner of your ResultsPlus desktop.

Check out Document Archival today. We want to answer your questions and hear your thoughts.