Giving Tuesday 2020: The Results

giving-tuesday-nonprofit-12020 is a year for the books. And because of the uncertainty and unprecedented nature of this year, we were all anxious to see what the results of this year’s Giving Tuesday would be. Despite all of the uncertainty this year brought and the precarious financial situation it put many people in, we also know that there was a huge drive to give to charitable organizations and a surge in charitable giving.

Now that Giving Tuesday 2020 is over, we turned to Classy to see what the results were. And we have to say, people showed up! This year was a record-setting year! We hope the results give you as much joy as it gave us and that it renews your faith in the remainder of this year.

  • Amount Raised: $37,911,122 compared to $19.4M on Giving Tuesday 2019
  • Active Campaigns: 9,008 compared to 6,462 in 2019
  • Donations: 291,991 compared to 173,851 in 2019
  • Average Donation Amount: $130, up from $112 in 2019
  • Matched Donations: 10,183, up from 7,934 in 2019
  • Total Donors: 261,609 compared to 153,543 in 2019
  • Total Recurring Donors: 19,526, up from 10,512 in 2019
  • Top Three Causes by Amount Raised: Human Services ($15,040,241), Health ($4,863,078), International and Foreign Affairs ($4,802,515)

This year may have brought some unexpected challenges, but the impact made from this year’s Giving Tuesday (and throughout the year) brings a smile to our faces and gives us hope for a wonderful and charitable 2021!