How to be a Superhero

Let’s be real here: Everyone, at some point, has dreamed of being a superhero. Flying at the speed of light, saving the world from evil, using your supersonic strength to move mountains, having the latest and greatest superhero gear and gadgets…Ok, so you can’t actually be a Captain America-level superhero, but you can be a nonprofit superhero who will have people saying, “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a super fundraiser!”

Be strong: Being a fundraiser takes strength. We’re not talking about lifting cars and moving houses, we’re talking about being mentally tough in the face of adversity. Donor acquisition, raising funds, managing major gift programs, running campaigns, planning events and managing all of the other activities that fall under the definition of “nonprofiteer,” often on a limited budget, is hard. Stay strong, be positive and keep moving forward, even the strongest of superheroes encountered adversity!

Gear up: Ready or not, technology is here to stay. It’s time for your nonprofit to invest both time and money in technology that will help make your fundraising more successful and streamlined. This could include new social media platforms, donor management software, marketing automation software, online event registration and credit card processing applications, etc. Do some research and find your dream fundraising gadgets that will help you make the most of your time.

Fight for the good of your community: Remember that the work you do, however difficult or tedious or unrecognized it may seem, is making our world a better place. So, fundraise for more than a paycheck; fundraise because of the positive impact it has on your community.

Have a sidekick (or a team of sidekicks): Batman had Robin to watch his back, so you need a dedicated team behind you, too. Choose a fundraising team that is as passionate about your mission as you are, that will stay strong in the face of challenges and that will back you up when you need a sidekick.

Even Batman himself said, “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” You don’t need a Batmobile to save the world, you just need a few resources, a lot of heart and a passion for philanthropy to be a nonprofit superhero!