Integrating an “A-Team”

At your organization, you likely have a great team behind you, each member with a unique set of skills. When combined, these team members enhance your mission and make your organization more diverse and well-rounded.

The same concept applies to your donor management software vendor. Your constituent relationship management (CRM) system is great on its own, but it’s an even greater asset to your organization when it plays well with other programs and add-on solutions, and when the vendor has valued partnerships.

Some of the types of tools and partnerships that we believe are important include:

  • Wealth screening
  • Credit card processing
  • Online giving
  • Consultants
  • Marketing agencies
  • Word processing
  • Email and Calendar programs
  • Accounting software

To augment our ResultsPlus CRM system, we have formed partnerships and integrations with reputable organizations like WealthEngine, DonorSearch, Moneris, Microsoft, Intuit, the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, the Association of Fundraising Professionals and many more. Combined with their expertise, we are able to provide our customers with the tools they need to fundraise more effectively and utilize a variety of tools.

We know that fundraisers are extremely busy people, so when our technology integrates with others, it makes your job easier and more seamless, eliminating extra work from your workday. It also provides you with better insight into your donors, whether it’s through wealth screening or enhanced reporting.

If you’re ready to purchase a fundraising CRM, it’s important that you research the programs and products that vendors are integrating with. Remember, your organization wouldn’t be the same without the diverse set of skills that your A-team offers – and neither would your CRM!