Make the Change to ResultsPlus Projects

Anyone currently using EventsPlus should know by now that support for this legacy special event management application will soon be ending. That may be unsettling for those who prefer things to stay as they are, but with most change also comes new opportunity. In this case, the new Projects area of ResultsPlus is the new opportunity, and it’s designed to be a better fit for current-day event management.

How is it better you ask? Well in general, it’s been designed to more closely align with what our customers need and have asked for. The developers built the application based on the feedback and input of our customers over a number of years. And I do mean years, as this functionality has been in the works for quite some time and will continue to be developed as we move forward.

Projects is part of the ResultsPlus Platinum upgrade, which is the version used for all ResultsPlus Online customers. While the Platinum version offers some tremendous additional benefits that we’ll remind you about in future blog posts, today we’ll focus just on the great new benefits of the Projects functionality:

  • The Sponsorship area has been enhanced, with added fields for setting up sponsorship levels and the specific benefits that go with each level.
  • Attendees are tracked more efficiently, and it’s now easier to see at a glance how many people have registered for your event.
  • Entering donors who support other donors, as they often do with ‘athon’ events, is easier and cleaner in the new Projects tool.
  • You can seat guests at tables when they register, then move them all around on the day before the event, as you will likely need to do to accommodate last-minute registrants.
  • You can assign golfers to foursomes or other groups, again with the ability to reassign them at a later date when the numbers are all final.
  • Projects does a better job of keeping track of all the people involved in an auction transaction, including the original auction item donor and the eventual auction item purchaser.
  • Grouping auction items into a bundle is now possible, helping increase the value of the items offered for auction.
  • Several tools allow you to be more organized while working on your event, including a to-do and task list and a calendar display of dates and deadlines.

So if you’ve been using EventsPlus to manage your special events and are hesitating to change, please know that we’ve worked hard to make Projects a newer, cleaner, and more comprehensive tool. Yes, it’s different and yes, it will take some time to learn to do things in a different way, but in the end, we think you’ll come out a winner.

As always, we’re here to help and answer any questions you have. Reach out to the support team or the sales department and let us know what you need.