Nonprofit Technology: Getting your boss on-board

Nonprofit technology, like donor management software, is on your radar. Maybe you attended a conference and talked to a provider of nonprofit CRM software, or read a blog post or case study about a donor database that can increase your fundraising success. However you discovered it, you’ve decided that your nonprofit organization can definitely benefit from some new technology that can track donors, gifts, pledges and more.

But, just because you are convinced of the benefits doesn’t mean that the executive director will be on-board. Implementing new software takes time and money, so you need to be sure that the benefits will pay off long-term. That said, if you have decided that a donor database is the right move for your organization, we’ve compiled a few tips to help get buy-in from your boss and gain the support you need to add new technology to your fundraising efforts.

  1. Showcase success: It’s always a good idea to show how other organizations have experienced success with the software you’re looking at. We recommend that you compile as many customer testimonials, whitepapers and case studies as you can to show your boss. Ask donor management vendors that you’re looking at for success stories and other documentation that they may have put together that match your nonprofit’s size, industry or mission.
  2. Get the facts: When you’re pitching your idea for nonprofit CRM software, you don’t want to be left drawing a blank when your executive director asks you questions about the details of the software. Put together lists, charts and documentation with information like pricing, integration capabilities, new version releases, number of customers, implementation options, record storage, etc. This is information your executive director will likely want to see when considering your pitch.
  3. Demonstrate measurable results: Put together a list of the areas where your organization may need improvement and the ways the new software could help reduce the time spent managing spreadsheets, cultivate donor relationships, increase visibility into campaigns and appeals, generate more accurate and timely reports, etc.
  4. Make a business case: Make a compelling case for donor management software by finding statistics and showing how the software will benefit not just your fundraisers, but the nonprofit as a whole. Be sure to also discuss things like ROI, increased visibility across the organization and a plan for training employees and volunteers so as to maximize productivity.
  5. Assemble a team: Who would be the main people using the software? Get those people on board and assemble a supportive team of employees and volunteers who can help advocate with you, discuss the benefits and talk about how they could use it to streamline their job duties.

If you’re excited about the possibility of new nonprofit technology, like donor management, then it’s up to you to show your boss why they should be, too! Looking at ResultsPlus CRM? Head over to for testimonials, pricing, case studies, a demo and more.