Stand with Vegas: How you can help

pexels-photo-165799.jpegIn times of tragedy, we often feel completely helpless as we're watching the events unfold and seeing the news stream in on TV, radio and social media. Following the events in Las Vegas this week, we saw the country come together to offer love and support to all those affected by the horrific occurrence.

If you're reading articles and Facebook posts and wondering how you can help from wherever you are, we decided to compose a blog post with some advice and resources.

1. Donate money: AT&T has set up a text-to-donate program that makes it simple to donate to victims and their families. Those who text are able to donate $10 to the University Medical Center Foundation to go toward patient treatment. You can also set up or contribute to an already existing GoFundMe account. These are pages set up by victims, their families or local organizations, often looking for financial assistance for medical expenses or research.

2. Donate blood: Give in a different way at your local Red Cross, clinic or blood donation center. With so many victims still hospitalized, there is continuously a need for blood. You can find a blood donation center here: 

3. Help locally: If you are an organization in the Vegas area, there are many ways you can open your doors to your community. Many businesses have offered free meals, groceries and other provisions to victims and families affected by the shooting, making sure that cooking or heading to the grocery store is one less thing that they have to worry about. Look for ways you can jump in and help out locally, whether it's a fundraiser, meal distribution or donations of money, items or time to Nevada hospitals and clinics taking care of the injured.

At Metafile, our thoughts continue to go out to all those affected by the events this week. We stand with Vegas!