2019: The Year of Things

pexels-photo-423367We’re not talking about just any old “thing,” we’re talking about the Internet of Things. From smartphones to smart refrigerators, the Internet of Things is making it possible for us to use connected devices to collect, share and utilize data. We’re thinking voice assistants, like Alexa and Siri that can tell you what the weather is, what the best Italian restaurant in your city is, and how much longer your cupcakes need to bake for. Today’s homes are even getting smarter and smarter. From smart thermostats that help people be more energy efficient, smart refrigerators that let you know when your produce is going bad and how much milk you have left (yes, this is a thing), and smart lightbulbs that automatically adjust based on the time of day.

The Internet of Things also greatly affects how you use your nonprofit’s CRM system, giving you access to more information in order to make more data-driven decisions, track fundraising success and communicate more effectively with donors. If you’re using ResultsPlus as your nonprofit CRM, here are some ways that we’ve merged CRM technology with the Internet of Things:

  • Processing online donations: We integrate with a variety of other software solutions, including those that process online donations. This gives you access to information that is generated through online donations.
  • Connect with Microsoft Dynamics GP: Connecting your ResultsPlus CRM with your accounting system gives you a comprehensive view of your organization’s finances. GP easily pulls in information that is entered into ResultsPlus so that you can easily retrieve it and analyze it when needed.
  • Connect with other solutions: Aside from Microsoft GP, ResultsPlus also integrates seamlessly with other software solutions, like wealth management vendors. This allows you to perform wealth screening, segmenting donors based on their monetary value so that you can communicate with them in a personalized way.
  • Run queries to collect data on constituents: Running a query based on set criteria gives you the opportunity to pull key information about your constituents. By doing this, you can segment them and personalize your communications for more effective fundraising. That’s the power of data!
  • Real-time analytics: When data is stored in a CRM, it allows for analysis. Just because data is coming into your organization doesn’t mean that it stops there. You need to look at it, digest it and decide how to move forward given the information you’ve received. With a CRM like ResultsPlus, analytics are updated in real-time so that you can be up-to-speed on the status of fundraisers, campaigns and appeals.

As a nonprofit, data is one of your most powerful tools. And in an age where data is streaming in from everywhere, you need a way to harness it. Enter a nonprofit CRM, which uses the organizational standards you want with the power of the Internet of Things that you need to become a more agile, successful fundraiser.