Take a Detour: Making the most of ResultsPlus CRM shortcuts

Shortcuts can sure get a bum rap.  They’re too often associated with negative concepts like laziness, poor quality and undesirable outcomes. But I’m a fan, and I personally think they have some pretty important uses. (Example: that store-bought pie crust I used for my Thanksgiving Day offering last week.)

Seriously, shortcuts in ResultsPlus can save you some pretty significant time and sometimes can give you access to things you didn’t even know existed. Here are some of the best examples:


The F1 key, from anywhere inside ResultsPlus, will bring up the Help system. In many cases, it will take you directly to the exact topic related to whatever task you’re working on. This is a standard Windows shortcut key and should be available on any Windows application you use.

f3The F3 key can come in very handy when you enter gifts into ResultsPlus. With your cursor in any date-formatted field (e.g. Date Received), pressing the F3 key will insert today’s date. If it doesn’t, you should check your system date and time settings, since that’s how ResultsPlus knows what day it is.

f6If you find yourself looking up a long list of constituent records, try using the F6 key instead of the Add/Find button. This shortcut will display the ‘Find Constituent’ lookup dialog and allow you to keep your hands on the keyboard.

There’s quite a variety of shortcut options for you, and you can find a list of them by searching for the keyword ‘Keyboard’ on the How To tab inside your ResultsPlus application. Some of them will only work when you are in certain places while others are universal, so find the ones you like and start taking more shortcuts today!

By the way, you can also find a list of the more popular shortcuts on your ResultsPlus mouse pad.

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