4 Nonprofit Resolutions for a New Decade

scrabble-resolutionsNew year, same great nonprofit! And while we think that you’re already awesome, there’s nothing wrong with having a few resolutions to start off the year. Setting goals now helps you prepare for a successful year ahead and create measurable initiatives.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Nonprofit Resolutions to give you some inspiration:

  1. Up your social media game: If your nonprofit hasn’t prioritized social media in the past, putting a focus on it in 2020 would make a great resolution. Take a look at your existing social platforms. Are they the best platforms for your nonprofit? Should any of them be deleted? Is there a platform you’re not taking advantage of yet? Doing a social media audit will help you identify where your social media efforts would best be utilized. You may also want to look at the pages you already have set up. Make sure that the information is current and that your profile is complete. Once your page is updated, coming up with a posting plan will help you maintain a consistent cadence. Develop a content calendar and sign up for a social media automation tool (many of them are free!) so that you can schedule posts and forget about them. Social media is the name of the game and the best way to reach new donors!
  2. Thank your donors: You have probably been sending automated thank-you emails to your donors after they give a gift or participate in an event, but a new year is a great time to look at your thank-you strategy and see how you can enhance it. Use social media to do donor shout-outs, send personalized letters, create a video or send small gifts to top donors. There’s always room for better thank-yous!
  3. Invest in a nonprofit CRM: If you haven’t embraced a nonprofit CRM/donor management platform yet, this is your year! A CRM helps you process gifts, segment donors, send letters and perform mail merges, update your donor lists, manage event information, track the progress of campaigns and fundraisers and more. Fundraisers are busy people, so why not invest in technology to make your job more streamlined so that you can focus on what matters most – developing and maintaining relationships with your constituents.
  4. Clean up your current CRM: If you’re already using ResultsPlus, it may be looking a little like a cluttered closet. Clothes that don’t fit, clothes that are out of style, clothes that have never been worn and still have the tags on them, clothes that you only wear for super special occasions all taking up space and preventing you from easily finding what you really need. The beginning of the year is a great time to go through your database and clean up your data. Segment your current donors and identify donors who have been neglected, new donors and top donors in order to personalize your communication.

Having attainable goals for your nonprofit is essential for moving your organization forward and having a successful year of fundraising. What are your 2020 Nonprofit Resolutions?4