Notable Leaders in your CRM

A CRM (constituent relationship management) system like ResultsPlus gives your organization the ability to track the details of your relationships with your donors. Furthermore, it can help you remember the little things – the details about who your donors are and what they are interested in.

As President’s Day approaches, I was wondering what it might have been like if some of our past presidents were current prospective donors. I was specifically thinking about what information you might have recorded about them in a CRM.

Using some fun historical information from the RandomFacts website, and some typical current-day cultivation activities, here’s what the notepad in your CRM might look like if you were soliciting the following presidents:


 hayesHayes, Rutherford

Fun fact:  Banished alcohol from the White House

Note in CRM:  No invitation to the wine-tasting event


Abraham_LincolnLincoln, Abraham

Fun fact:  Was the tallest president at 6’ 4”

Note in CRM:  Don’t offer to pick him up in the Mini Cooper


woodrow wilson

Wilson, Woodrow

Fun fact:  Painted golf balls black so he could continue to golf in the winter

Note in CRM:  Mention golf. Often.



   Grant, Ulysses S

Fun fact:  Smoked at least 20 cigars a day

Note in CRM:  Schedule all meetings to occur outdoors



Roosevelt, Franklin D   

Fun fact:  His profile is on the US dime

Note in CRM:  Share admiration for his work on behalf of babies with birth     defects


Here’s hoping that the remembering the little details of your constituents’ lives will lead to many successful relationships. Happy President’s Day to all!