How Running a Nonprofit is Like Being an Olympic Gymnast

Yesterday, the USA Women’s Gymnastics Team took home the gold medal at the Rio Olympics. And not only are they officially the best women’s gymnastics team in the world right now, but they may be the best women’s gymnastics team EVER. Watching those young ladies balance, flip, tumble and swing through the air with seemingly….. Read more »

Weather or Not, Nonprofit Technology Change is Inevitable

A storm blew through yesterday afternoon, complete with ominous clouds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning. It’s an awesome thing to watch the lightning jump from sky to ground before your brain even registers that it happened. It reminded me of how things happen in technology – at seemingly lightning speed. Well, at least it may….. Read more »

Red, White & Charity: Fundraising during election years

The 2016 presidential election is coming up, and whether you are enjoying the debating, political-ranting, opponent-bashing and candidate paraphernalia or not, it’s impossible to escape. The U.S. is completely consumed in politics right now as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton duke it out for the position of President of the United States. The election propaganda has….. Read more »

Special Thanks

Donor management systems are a great way to streamline your development office processes and procedures. Generating gift acknowledgments is a great example. The ability to merge gift and demographic information into an email template or word processing document means your thank-yous are accurate and timely and on the way to your donors very soon after….. Read more »

Summer Busy, Summer Not

It’s summer, and in my house that means we do things like get dental checkups, schedule eye exams, start gathering supplies for fall and, perhaps most importantly, schedule some time away from work. But at work, it’s also a good time to schedule some tasks that can help the rest of the development and calendar….. Read more »

The what-of-July? What you may not know about Independence Day

It’s the start of another holiday weekend, and I think I speak for many of us when I say that it is much-needed! This weekend, Americans will celebrate their Independence Day. This often includes parades, cookouts, fireworks, parties, and copious amounts of picnic food, friends and family. You likely have traditions to help you celebrate the….. Read more »

Nonprofit Technology: ‘Be There’ or Be Square

It seems that there is some new technology available to development professionals nearly every day. Phrases like ‘data-driven decisions,’ ‘mobile optimization,’ ‘cloud-based computing’ were not even on our horizons just a few short years ago. And yet here we are, using terminology like this in our planning, strategy, and day-to-day discussions. It appears that we….. Read more »

Stand strong, #StandWithOrlando

This week, tragedy struck a club in Orlando that shook the country and the world to its core. In the early hours of June 12, a gunman opened fire in a nightclub in Orlando, killing 49 and injuring 53. The event has been labeled the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. During times of….. Read more »

Rubies for Nonprofit Newbies: Gems of Wisdom for Getting Started

I belong to a list serve of people in the senior-services sector of the nonprofit industry, some of whom are fairly new to the world of fundraising and development. Today someone posed a question to other members of the group, seeking advice on how to get started: My facility is considering the implementation of an….. Read more »